Saturday, July 15, 2017

Montague Days!!

This  weekend we are celebrating Montague's 100th birthday!!

On Friday we picked up a very happy and tired Sean from camp.  He had an amazing time as always.  It was a very special camp as this year he received his arrowhead this week.  Campers who have attended five camps earn this most sought after reward.  They receive a special neckerchief, a special breakfast and get to learn the secret of the arrowhead.  He was thrilled.

We went with friends to What's the Scoop for some much deserved ice cream treats.  The kids loved being able to spend more time with friends as well as get a little sugar rush.  After saying good bye to our friends we headed home to figure out what to do with our evening.  We could go to the beach, check out the music scene at the waterfront, or go for a drive.  In the end Marko and I both agreed that things had been busy enough and that it would just be nice to get cozy in the living room and watch a movie. It was definitely the best decision.

This morning we were off to the library.  The Library float for the parade was setting up and our kids were invited to be on the float.  They were pretty pumped and enjoyed waving to friends and family.  Afterwards there were hot dogs and pop for everyone. This was also a hit with the kids!

This afternoon we headed in town to drop off Grammie Peric's car as she returns late Sunday night.  We decided to run a few errands while we were in town and since it was getting late we grabbed some pizza and headed for the park in Stratford.  We messaged our friends, to see if they could join us but they were in Stanhope.  I was ever so thrilled when they pulled in the parking lot twenty minutes later! The kids had a blast and we enjoyed chatting together.

Happy to have my big boy home again.

The beginning of the parade. Levi was pretty impressed with all the police cars and fire engines!

Big birthday cake for Montague!

Kiddos on the library float.

And it's not a proper parade without a good pipe band!

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