Thursday, July 13, 2017

Summerside Lobster Festival!

The kids and I were out the door early to hit the Lobster Festival for 9:30.  I dropped Levi off with my wonderful friend Michelle which helped me out immensely!

The kids had a blast at the festival!  Their group came in second and the older group snagged first prize.

Look at them go:

It was an extra special treat to wish their amazing dance teacher happy birthday! One of the moms picked up a cake and some cupcakes for everyone to enjoy.

Afterwards some of us headed in town to see if we could snag any good book bargains... I came home with these two beauties:
I was really excited to get the atlas one for only two dollars!!

After our bargain hunting we checked out what the Eptek Centre had to offer.  They were doing an exhibit of art inspired rug hooked pieces. This particular piece had to be the most interesting:
We're weren't entirely sure what to make of it--must be pretty warm in there.

My friends had to head home but we didn't have much a schedule to keep and so headed back to the festival to check out the midway.  I let the kids play some games and they took home a couple cute dog stuffy key chains.

We headed back to Michelle's for 3:30 and enjoyed a lovely visit.  We had the most delicious homemade pizza and garlic fingers!  We left around 6:30 or so and headed for home.  However, as we were passing through Cornwall I decided it would be fun to drop in on a dear friend and her family.

 I'm hardly ever out that way so it was nice to pop in.  Thankfully they weren't busy and just as happy to see us!  After another fun visit it was time to get to the business of actually going home.  The kids were all played out and definitely ready to hit the sack!

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