Thursday, August 31, 2017

It's My Birthday!!

And what a marvelous day it was!!  I was ever so thankful and blessed that Marko was able to get the day off and we were able to start the day with sleeping in!

And then my lovely handsome hubby slipped out to the store to pick me up some fresh croissants and a hot coffee for breakfast--I felt quite spoiled!  The kids sang happy birthday to me and my folks called and also sang happy birthday--I look forward to seeing them on the weekend!

After breakfast we tackled Mt. Laundry and folded and put away all our clothes before heading over to the church to help clean this week. Do we know how to celebrate or what?!

We had a quick lunch of bagel sandwiches and I had a nice chat with my father in law who also wished me a happy birthday.

Then we were back on the road and off to Greenwich--one of my ultimate favourite beaches!  We had a grand time!! The weather was divine and the water was cool and refreshing.  I'm sure the rest of the beach goers were ever so impressed as I squealed and laughed my way into the water for a fun swim with the kids.

It was hard to pull ourselves away from the waves but we made a promise to come back and we were  back to Montague for supper with friends.  The Bowmans joined us for some yummy pizza from Famous Peppers and one the most frozen ice cream cakes we've ever had from What's the Scoop.   Sadly the Bowmans had to leave early and I missed my opportunity to beat everyone at a game of Citadels--next time!

I also received many well wishes on Facebook and messages which was also a very nice addition to my day.

 Walking into Greenwich.
 The kids quite enjoyed having daddy throw them into the water.

 Such a gorgeous beach!

 Levi mad a heart in the sand--he was quite proud of it.

 Then he decided to make some sand bananas.

 Lovin' it at the beach!

 The crazy frozen birthday cake!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

We Were on Vacation...Again!

This time Marko and I got away for a weekend while Grammie Peric watched the kiddos for us.  We kinda blew all our vacation budget on our trip to Cape Breton so this was more of a staycation.  We stayed on the Island and played tourist.

Our first stop was in Charlottetown.  I got my haircut and we grabbed a couple wraps from Sobeys for lunch and then went to see Spiderman at the Cinema.
 Happily waiting to see the movie--it was just us and one other family.

On our way up west we stopped in to visit our friends the Skys.  We had a lovely time and were invited to stay for the entire weekend but we thought we should honour our camping reservation for at least the first night.  And off we went to Linkletter campground to set up our little site.

 It was a lovely spot-- semi secluded and only neighbours on one side.  There was a threat of rain for Saturday so we decided we'd take the Sky's up on their offer and we packed up our tent and were just heading out of the campground when the rain started to fall.

We spent the day sight seeing.  We traveled to the very western tip of the Island, North Cape.  We walked part of the trail and checked out the gift shop.

 The welcoming inukshuks.

 Wind turbines and rocky red cliffs.


We stopped in Mill River for lunch...Beautiful view--even if it was raining.
 Even better view:
 This was their Burger Love winner called the Beefy Vixen--it was AMAZING!  And it was huge!  We really should have just bought one and shared it--soooo yummy--just look at that bacon!!

After lunch we headed over to Lennox Island.  It was at this point the heavens opened up and the rain came pelting down.

Lennox Island is a Mi'kmaq community.  It was interesting to see the Mi'kmaq signs.
 We popped into the little museum before heading to Miscouche to check out the Acadian Museum:

We stopped for supper in Kensington and enjoyed a lovely visit with our friends Michelle and Brian. And I guess we could have asked Dion Phaneuf for his autograph as he and his wife and friends were also dining in the same restaurant.

We happily came home to the Sky's place and enjoyed their company and a bit of game playing!
 This was Dan and Miriam's first time playing Splendor and Dan won!

It was soon time to hit the hay and this is what greeted us in our room!  What a very special delight!

Sunday morning we enjoyed a lovely worship time with the Sky's and new friends.
Joel--and his masterful photo bombing abilities!

On our way home we visited more friends before stopping for supper at DQ.

The kids were waiting for us in the driveway with big hugs and lots of lovin!  So good to get away but oh so wonderful to come home to those loving arms!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

We Were On Vacation Part 2

On Tuesday we went to the Wild Life Park in Twin Rivers and went shopping in Sydney and then home for some cottage relaxing time. In the evening we enjoyed a little bonfire complete with s'mores.

 Pretty handsome bird!

 A very tired and hot cougar.
 A reindeer!

 The kids feeding a deer.

 Another colourful bird.
 A quizzical emu.

There were some fun monkey bars to play on at the park as well.

I managed to pick up a few books at a thrift store...

On Wednesday we drove to Glace Bay and checked out the Miner's Museum and the Marconi Historic Site.  We stopped in Albert Bridge for some yummy ice cream and finished off the day down on the Mira.
 One of our tour companions happily pointed out that the year was the last time the Leafs won the cup...Thanks for that reminder.

It was wild to walk down into the mine and listen to Wish tell us what it was actually like to mine for the mining company--just to hear his stories made your blood boil!

 It was sooo dark down there!

 I think he said that the pit ponies would stay in the mine for 6 months before coming back up for a break--I couldn't imagine that!

 Levi was so funny in the mine--he could have stood right up tall but because everyone else was ducking and bending over he did too--so cute!

After the mine tour a few of the kids went for a pony ride.
 Pretty sure this was the highlight of Emma-Lyn's day.

 Nate was pretty pleased as well.

 Levi was a little less sure but still had a fun time.

We followed that up with checking out the Marconi Historic Site.  It was just a wee place, but the kids enjoyed trying their hand at morse code.

A very gorgeous view from where Marconi's towers  once stood.

The yummy ice cream at Albert Bridge.

Back at the cottage, Sean pushed Levi in the kayak over to the swim dock.
 Levi was pleased as punch to finally be able to stand and dance on the dock!
 Our little bonfire.

Thursday was packing day and heading down to Pictou County to spend some time with my folks. 

We went through Baddeck and visited the Alexander Graham Bell Museum. 

  I thought this was interesting to see how much is involved in making one sound.

We stopped in Aulds Cove for lunch at the Big Stop.  I was so surprised to see my friend Giles there!  Of course I squealed and ran over to his table to give him a hug--totally embarrassing the rest of my family!

  And once we were finished our meal and stepped out of the restaurant we were just in time to watch a train pass through...The kids were thrilled!

 Spot the Islanders watching a real train that actually moves on tracks!!

From there it was a straight shot to Salem to set up camp and settle in at my folks place.

We had a professional photo session the next day which was followed up with yummy watermelon on the deck.

The kids fished in the pond and each caught a fish.
 Sean being a good big brother and letting Levi hold the fishing pole with him.  Levi was pretty pumped as well.

 Miss Emma-Lyn with her fish.

Another lovely surprise was to have my cousins Sara and Katie come for a quick visit!

On Saturday we headed for home to catch the 2:45 boat but it was packed and we did not make the sailing.  So we headed out and drove all the way around via the bridge.  We all enjoyed the drive that felt like we were prolonging our vacation.  We stopped in Borden at the Gateway Village for supper and hit home around 8:30--all very tired but very happy with our first family vacation.

Love coming home to visit!