Wednesday, September 20, 2017

So Much to Update You on...So Little Time..

 I'm so sorry for not posting sooner but September has become quite a busy month!

Our homeschool group started up again with a fun bagpipe demonstration by the ever talented Jordan Chowen.  He and his pipe band from the College of Piping in Summerside won the world championships this past summer in Scotland!  It was such a treat to hear him play and explain how the instrument worked.

Jordan with crazy Nate!  Jordan is also our step dance instructor.  Step dance has also started!  Our first class was tonight and we were all pretty pumped to be back at it again!

About two weeks ago my friend Michelle and I went on a wild adventure to Quebec City.  We attended an HSLDA conference for homeschoolers.  We had a great time! Our French is not great but everyone we met was very friendly and knew at least some English...

 Here we are on our way...

 Entering Quebec!
 Our Hotel.

 We had some time to tour the city before heading out on a little cruise on the St. Lawerence.

 Chateau Frontenac!
 Samuel De Champlain
 Gotta get your Starbucks!
 Funicular view!

We enjoyed a lovely time on our cruise.

The conference speakers were amazing and we left feeling refreshed and ready to take on our homeschooling year with vim and vigor.

We were just 25 kilometers from New Brunswick when the van went, "Boom--flap, flap, flap..." Not encouraging sounds and then it started to smell like gasoline.  Thankfully Michelle has a CAA membership and she was able to call for a tow.  Did I mention that it was Sunday and that everything is closed on Sundays?!!  The van was towed to the mechanic's and we got settled in a nearby Econolodge for the night.

This was our take on our situation that night.

The next morning was a bit hectic but things did eventually get figured out even if it meant back tracking to Riviere Du Loup. We were back on the road by supper time and I was finally in my own bed by a little after three in the morning on Tuesday! We did write up another ditty to sing after we were back on PEI but we were just too tired to sing it.

Since then the Peric Academy has opened for sessions once again. The kids are keen and we're taking things easy as we settle into our routine.

 And while we are in the midst of that, we thought it might be fun to include selling our house into the mix for good measure!

And this past weekend I took Emma-Lyn on a special date. Her big 10 birthday is coming up in January which means we do something extra special to celebrate.  She had been hoping for a summer party but we weren't able to swing that in time.  Instead I took her horseback riding which she dearly loved.

 Such a fun time spent together!
Tomorrow we start up piano lessons again and we'll tackle some more homeschool stuff together.

Ooh and there was that morning when I found the neighbour's cat and her newborn kittens beside my front porch--that was exciting.  My neighbour did come by and collect her cat and kittens but we enjoyed the little family while they were with us.

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