Tuesday, October 10, 2017

More Thanksgiving Fun!

 We had our own little family turkey dinner on Sunday night:
 We had turkey, cranberry sauce, turnip, potatoes, green and yellow beans and rolls--so yummy. I love that Marko was so willing to help get things on the table and we were able to tackle Thanksgiving dinner as a team!

That night Marko and I decided since we haven't had much action on selling our house why not take down some more wall paper!  That sounds like a super fun thing to do at 10 o'clock at night!

 The ugly paper that was on the wall

And the ugly paper that was hiding underneath:
 Yuck!  But it hasn't been too hard to get off so I won't complain.

On Monday we went up to St.Peter's for a picnic and then up to Greenwich for a trail walk.  Auntie Linda, Daniel and Grammie Peric joined us.  The day was perfect-- sunny and warm.

Greenwich is one of my favourite beaches--I just love the dunes and the trails are delightful! 

The floating boardwalk:

Down at the beach:

Emma-Lyn took this panoramic shot:

Today has been one crazy day!  I still had more wallpaper to take down and the kids had piano lessons and friends were coming here for their piano lessons as well.  So I was just puttering away and had started the tap to get my dishes going--it fills slowly so I thought I'd just peel a few layers and return to finish the dishes...I returned just in time to watch the water slide across my kitchen floor as our piano teacher and daughter came in as well.  That was fun to clean up!  I joked with Claire that wouldn't it be funny if someone called to see the house after that!! HAHAHA! And then five minutes later the phone rings and yes, someone would like to see the house at 2:30!! 

Now it was time to kick it into high gear and get the kids cleaning upstairs while I tackled downstairs and laundry and Claire plugged on with the piano lessons.  At this time Denise and her boys showed up and they were quickly conscripted to tidy up!  So very thankful for all their help!

We left at 12:30 to get ready for our homeschool group down the street.  The kids learned about their kidneys and bladders.  We are very fortunate to have a dad that works as a nurse and he did a fantastic presentation for the group!
The kids enjoyed being a part of putting the model together.

As for the house showing it seems that the people aren't interested--but ya never know.  We'll see what comes.

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