Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sumo Wrestler Versus T. Rex!

We did not go into this weekend figuring that at some point Marko would be dressed up as a Sumo Wrestler and his friend Brian as a T.Rex and yet, here they are in all their glory!!

Bonnie and I are ever so proud of them and their new found alter egos!

We also enjoyed a fun afternoon with them after the boys put the costumes away.  We brought over the game King of Tokyo City and played a round after supper.  My Cyber Kitty and I won the night by smashing all the other monsters to smithereens!

In other news, it seems that Levi has matured quite a bit this month.  He is becoming so independent and taking care of his own things.  I love how he'll thank me for making supper even if he spent the first five minutes complaining about how he hated whatever was served to him!  He is making great progress with potty training which I am THRILLED about! He's actually taking the initiative and heading to the bathroom when nature calls. Here's hoping we're on our last bag of pull-ups!

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