Saturday, October 07, 2017

Thanksgiving Day Fun!

 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!  It was a gorgeous day here on the Island with temperatures hitting above 20 degrees!  The Hopes came for a quick visit and we jam packed it full of fun and adventure.

First off, they showed up on our doorstep earlier than we expected so we were just getting breakfast on the table when they arrived.  The kids were thrilled to be able to have their Smarties right after their cereal!

No sooner did we have the table cleared and dishes done and we were on our way to the apple orchard. So many varieties and so yummy.  We picked some Spartan, Jona Gold, Honey Gold and Northern Spy.  The Hopes loaded up on the Jona Gold.
 So delicious!

 The Hopes wandering in the orchard.

 Family photo time!

After our fun in the orchard we came home for lunch.  Gramma Hope brought Beppe's soup and homemade bread and Pake's cheese and ham.  We added some other goodies and filled our bellies full of good food.  For dessert we had my strawberry apple crisp.  Unfortunately we didn't quite have enough and Gramma and Grampa shared a bowl... 

Let us call the next set of photos, The Progression of the Silver Spoon:
 Here we see Grampa Hope is quite pleased that he has the spoon while we see Gramma Hope plotting how she'll snag that spoon!

 Aha!  The whipped cream has arrived and Grampa is distracted by all it's sugary goodness and Gramma Hope makes her stealthy move...
 Grampa Hope is still delighting in the whipped cream while Gramma smiles all the while fiendishly stroking the silver spoon of victory!

 HA! Grampa Hope suddenly realizes the spoon is no longer in his possession--makes a lame attempt at retrieving it.  Gramma Hope is not to be trifled with--she is NOT going to give back that spoon.  Marko being the keeper of peace and sanity steps in and offers a second spoon.

 Here we now see the loving couple of 48 years count down to the first bite of their dessert...3...2...1
 And they're in!!

 And Gramma gets the first taste of pure sweet deliciousness!

After all that food we thought it only fitting to walk off some of the calories by going for a walk on the Beck's Trail. We walked a good four kilometers in the wonderful warmth of the sun.  It did get a little antsy as we were nearing the end as we were cutting it close to when the Hopes would have to catch the ferry home.  They made it away okay and are happily safe and sound on the mainland once again.

A few shots from our walk:

 I love the colours of autumn!

 As we walked I happened to notice this wee fella just watching us pass by.  I did have a passing desire to pick him up but thought I'd only end up squealing and throwing him on the ground and felt it best for all involved if I just left him there.

And this lovely shot of Gramma was just after she nearly got beaned by a stick...Who threw the stick you may ask?  Marko--Marko threw the stick and in his defense he said, "Wow, Gramma you got going faster than I expected!" Haha--that could have made for some interesting Thanksgiving memories!

Yep, nothing out of the ordinary here just steering around the tree.

At one moment Marko, Levi and I were well back from the pack and I thought I'd see if we could get some little birds to check us out and this little guy came down to greet us.
 Just love the vibrant reds and yellows!

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