Saturday, November 11, 2017

Birthdays and Other Stories

This week has been a full week with Marko and Nate's birthdays, visits from far away friends, two house showings, a field trip to the symphony, there was glow night at Awana where Sean ran into a concrete wall which ended in a trip to the ER--he is going to be okay, and we decluttered the garage.

Nate had a birthday party with six friends.  They played outside, they played freeze dance inside, had cake and chips and cheezies and watched a movie. It was simple, fun and didn't leave me feeling frazzled.

The house showings --what to say, we clean the house and hope but so far folks just aren't interested.  It's disappointing and I'm finding the whole real estate business to be a farce but what can you do.  We shall keep our heads up and keep on trucking!

We were ever so delighted when our friends Noel and Dwana dropped in for a quick visit.  They live in Ontario so it's not very often we get to hangout.  It was lovely just to chat and catch up for the afternoon.

On Thursday night we had glow night at Awana...The basement was decked out in black lights, white streamers and different coloured glow sticks.  The kids were pumped.  Unfortunately when Sean's group was playing games, he was running full tilt and missed seeing the wall until his head crashed into it.  I took him to the ER right away just to make sure nothing was wrong.  I have never seen such a big goose egg in my life!  It's looking like he'll have quite the black eye by tomorrow.

And on Friday we cleaned out the garage so we could get the fire pit and the BBQ put away for the winter.  Had a nice chat with the neighbours...Apparently they don't want us to move--we are just too good a neighbour to pass up! LOL

The Hopes were supposed to come visit today but with the high winds the boats were cancelled but hopefully they can make the trek tomorrow instead.

 Mr. Nate the Great turned Eight!

 We got a new game called Near and Far--such a fun game!

 The Gerums came to help celebrate the birthdays.

 Muggins decided he'd try snuggling on my didn't work out too well.

Our homeschool group was treated to a lovely experience with the Atlantic String Machine. The kids were enthralled.  So much beautiful music and the musicians were so very personable and knowledgeable-- couldn't ask for a better event.  We are very thankful to the homeschool student that won the event through the writing of a poem for a contest.

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