Saturday, November 04, 2017

Falconry Event 2017

 I am beyond thrilled that such a thing as Falconry Services exists on P.E.I!!  The educational presentations that they put on are exceptional!  So much information and delivered in a very kid friendly and fascinating way.  And then add to that the experience of holding a falcon and for the adults the experience of having a hawk land on your gloved hand is just out of this world!

The owner, Jamie Stride is passionate about what he does and easily conveys this to his audience.  His obvious knowledge and respect for his birds is a delight.  He takes you through the elements of falconry as well as sharing about the individual birds and their personalities.  If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend you book a presentation with Island Falconry Services! You will not be disappointed!

They are based out of Albany in Prince County and I hope that we can some day pop in and visit their facilities and meet all their birds!

 This is a still shot of Hulk the Harris Hawk flying over me....This was intense!

 This Jamie with his peregrine gyr hybrid.

 Emma-Lyn with Sam the Saker falcon.

 Each of the kids were very serious as they held Sam.

 I find it a bit funny as it seems that the T-Rex on Nate's shirt is also checking Sam out!

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