Saturday, December 09, 2017

Christmas Time, A Birthday and a Recital!

It's been a busy time with Christmas preparations and a couple more house showings as well.  This has been no simple task trying to sell our place.

The kids enjoyed putting up the Christmas tree and other decorations and watching our first Christmas movie.

 We watched Elf.  This evening we watched the Muppet Christmas Carol--a much loved classic.

Sean turned 12 and had some friends in for a games night.  They had a blast and it was lovely and low key which was super easy for me.

I love the happy golden glow of the Christmas tree:

This past weekend we made our last trek to Nova Scotia.  We celebrated Sean and Auntie Karina's birthday. We also did a mini Christmas celebration and opened our gifts from Gramma, Grampa and Auntie Karina.  They don't usually get to see our happy faces as we open gifts so this was quite a bit of fun for everyone!
 So many candles!

This past Tuesday our homeschool group enjoyed our Craft day and bake exchange.  I loved organizing it and seeing the kids get right into their crafts.  I'm so thankful for our homeschool group and having parents get involved and lead a craft or help with crowd control.  It was a really fun day for all!
 Some of the older girls working on their wreaths.

And this is just a fun picture of "our" cat Muggins under the tree.  He's really the neighbour's cat but he comes over for visits.

This week we also spent some time studying the Halifax explosion.  This inspired Sean to make his own simulation on Minecraft!

And this afternoon we enjoyed the Celtic Christmas step dance recital the kids were involved in.  I was happy to be the emcee for the event and dance with my wonderful friend Claire!
 All lined up and ready to go.

 Claire and I and what appears to be the apparition of our dance instructor, Jordan!

The whole troupe on stage.

It was a fantastic afternoon and tomorrow night the kids will be participating in their Sunday school concert.

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