Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Merry Christmas!!

It has been a very busy couple of weeks here as no doubt you all are experiencing as well. There have been piano recitals, family dinners, crafts and baking and all the other fun memories made at Christmas time.

After their piano recital we all headed over to Uncle Brian and Auntie Bernie's for some family fun.  The kids quite enjoyed the ornament crafts and toys they had available.

Sean decided to hang his ornament on their tree.

At one point in the evening we had quite the engineering feat to behold.  Nate was determined to build a ramp that his truck would go down successfully.  He did accomplish it to much fanfare!

Later in the week we settled in to do some baking for neighbours and friends as well as ourselves.  We made jammy shortbreads, Oreo truffles, candy cane cocoa cookies, lemon squares and mystic bars.

The kids were a great help to me.  Emma-Lyn jumped right in and put her apron on to get baking.  Nate popped in once in awhile to lend a hand and Sean was my Gopher.  I was so thankful for him picking up ingredients I had forgotten about! And even Levi did his part.  He did dishes:
And yes, it did end with him just playing in the water.

Emma-Lyn and I in our baking zone.

And Sean coming home with a few more things.

And then it was off to drop off our goodies to our friends and neighbours.

Another big fun event in my life was participating in Art Battle!!  What an experience!  I LOVED it.  The gist of the thing is it's basically speed painting but this time with a twist--you worked with a partner!  My amazingly talented friend Jo invited me to be her partner and what a time we had!  I would jump at the chance to do it again.  We worked in two 30 minute rounds producing two works of art.  Our first piece was inspired by Bob Ross and I painted many happy little trees!
 Here we are hard at work and our finished piece:

 Our second piece was two cardinals sitting in a tree.  I experienced some mild panic during this one, I messed up the outline of my cardinal but thankfully the sky blurred that out and we were good to go.
 Jo is just amazing and I was so grateful to work with her.  I love her style and her ability to adapt to the circumstances!
 Our happy little birdies!

On Christmas Eve we went to our church for our morning service and then headed down to the little church right in Montague to help prepare Christmas dinner.  I love this opportunity to share the love of serving and helping out with the children.  Afterwards we came home for some down time before our traditional lasagna supper.
 No real plates for us--I love simplicity and less time cleaning up. :)  We enjoyed the evening service at church and headed home to open one gift.  The kids were super pumped to open their Christmas pjs from Gramma and Grampa.

 Such funny kiddos!

Me and my handsome hubby!

 And the whole crazy family piled on the couch!

Christmas morning we were up by 7:30 and opening stockings before heading to the kitchen for breakfast.  It was a quick breaky and grab your coffee to head back to the living room for present opening.  The kids all seemed very happy with their gifts and enjoyed playing with their toys.

At 11:30 we headed down to church to help serve the Christmas dinner.  The kids did a great job and were wonderful helpers and servers.  As we were cleaning up the kids played us a couple of tunes on the piano.
 It was quite the windy, snowy, slushy messy day and when we got home Marko and Levi got to work shoveling the driveway together.
And just to keep it real all these happy memories were interspersed with meltdowns and flaring tempers and all manner of craziness! 

And for my last shot--Marko in his new sweater we got him...finally, a sweater I won't steal from him!!

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