Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Emma-Lyn's Tenth Birthday and Other Stories

This past Tuesday Emma-Lyn turned the big 1-0!! The day of her birthday was a little hectic with piano lessons, homeschool group and step dance lessons so it was light on the celebrating but weve more than made up for that.

We had Auntie Linda, Uncle Henk and Daniel over for supper on Wednesday and Emma-Lyn was delighted to have them over and enjoy cake and presents.


Saturday was the main event! And it never fails the day of and I am running around like a chicken with it's head cut off trying to get all the last minute things done.  We were so thankful to use the church space that we normally use for homeschool group.  It was perfect for the amount of girls that came.  Emma-Lyn wanted everyone to wear their fancy dresses and have a tea party and play some games.  We had a little photo area where each of the girls had their picture taken with Emma-Lyn as a keep sake from the party.
 Mmmmm yummy cake!

 Blowing out her candles.

 Freeze dance!!

Tomorrow Grammie Peric is coming over for supper as she was unable to join us last Wednesday.

In other news Sean participated in the George's Deck and Recovery curling tournament.  His team played well and came in one point shy of taking third place.
 Look at him go.

 The Montague teams owned the podium though and his good friends took first place this year.

This past Sunday we enjoyed visiting with our friends the Skys.  This may very well be the last visit for quite some time to come, as they are preparing to move to Tennessee in the not so distant future.  We made the very best of our short time together.  We went sledding down their big hill and then came inside to get warmed up and drink hot chocolate.  We had a wonderful time of prayer and worship before finishing up with a late supper of nachos!  And then it was time for some big hugs and well wishes before making the journey back home.  I shall dearly miss my Sky family!

 Joel and Hope heading down the hill!

 Miriam and Abby sliding slowly down the hill. The snow was too soft to get any real amount of momentum going.  But it didn't stop us from having a grand time!

 Such grace and finesse!

Worship time!

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