Saturday, April 28, 2018


WOW!! What a day!!  I hardly slept a wink last night just thinking about everything that needed to be done!

Thankfully my hubby went out early to run a couple errands and brought home this morning starter:

 Once I had my coffee in hand it was time to get things done.  The first of our crew arrived at 9:30 and we jumped right into loading vans and the trailer.  The weather was warm but a little rainy but it didn't dampen our spirits.  The rest of the crew arrived around ten.  Things went so very well.  I am so utterly thankful for everyone who showed up!  You all blessed my heart so much and made this very overwhelming event not only doable but so very enjoyable. 

Thankful for friends who took some of the kids to a pancake breakfast and for another friend who took Levi for the whole day!  Thankful for  friends and their large vans and willingness to keep packing and packing and packing!  Thank you to friends who not only loan trailers but come to drive the trailer to the destination as well! (and several times over to boot!) 

Thank you to friends who scrubbed and cleaned my kitchen until it shined!  Thank you to a friend who dropped off some very yummy snacks and drinks!  Thankful for friends to talk and laugh with as we get all the jobs done.  Thank you for your understanding and your loving us through this move.  We are all ever so grateful for every one of you!

Most of our stuff now resides in our new house except a few dishes and other essentials as the closing date isn't until Monday.  We are camping out in our crazy empty old place just counting down the moments until we can call our new place home.

After all that moving we took the kids to a long sword demonstration.  They quite enjoyed it!  I may have as well!

 Trying out new found skills with an opponent.

 Warrior princess.
 I feel like he's coming for my neck!

 Woo Hoo--having fun with the long sword!
And I just thought this looked cool.

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