Friday, April 20, 2018


And another day bites the dust.  The kids enjoyed having their friend Jake over while I worked at packing more boxes and dusting and wiping down all the walls upstairs.  Needless to say I'm bushed but happy with all that got accomplished today.

 I forgot to post this on Awana award night.  Sean completed his Trek book and he was mighty pleased with his achievment.

Since everything is all moved around and different, the kids decided this made for some more interesting hide and seek options.  This is Nate counting and Levi being all stealth behind the curtains!

I'll admit I was not looking forward to all the wiping of the walls so I was overjoyed when my wonderful friend, Alyson offered her Norwex mop to use for the big job.  I need to get me one of these!  I love Norwex products and this is definitely on my wish list!  I may have to book a Norwex party soon!

Normally I have a meal plan in place and we do supper that way.  But with all this moving stuff, the plan has kinda fell by the wayside and I didn't have anything ready to go.  I was happy with just doing breakfast for supper but Marko had other ideas.  We headed over to Eden's Gate and tried out their Burger Love offering.
 This is Sindulgence and it was delicious.  It was a great way to end a busy week.  Here's to next week and all the mighty crazy it might bring!

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