Thursday, April 12, 2018

Life Has Been a Little Chaotic!

So yeah--life got all kinds of crazy after January.  Our contract with our real estate agent expired pretty near the same day that an actual offer came in!! We FINALLY SOLD OUR HOUSE!!
 I had already ripped the sign out of the ground--oops!

So since then we have been packing and decluttering as we prepare to move at the end of this month.

In the midst of that big change Marko's dad got quite sick and we were caught in a bit of a run around trying to talk to different doctors/nurses in BC to find out what needed to be done.  There was some points where we thought that Marko and his sister might need to make an emergency trip out there.  Since then, his dad has made a great recovery and is now living in an assisted living environment.

Also I've been looking into Levi's health. I do have some concerns about some of his behaviours.  I've met with a pediatrician and it was decided to investigate further. Levi will have a preschool assessment with an occupational therapist, psychologist and pediatritian just before we move.

And of course you have the regular ups and downs of homeschooling and parenting and all that jazz. As you can imagine, it got a little overwhelming by times and my blog was the first to suffer from all the crazy.

Also--my old laptop died and I have a new one so I'm enjoying trying out my new tech.

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