Sunday, April 22, 2018


It was a much quieter day today which was dearly needed.  That migraine episode really threw me for a loop.  I rested most of the afternoon and evening and I thought I might have trouble sleeping.  Thankfully I slept well and felt better this morning.  Marko and the boys went to church while Emma-Lyn and I stayed home and rested.

This afternoon we took some time to pop over and talk with our sellers about some of the nitty gritty stuff.  I feel much better having hashed out exactly the plans for moving in and closing day.  Now to get through the week and finish packing up all the last bits of stuff.

This evening Marko, Sean and I enjoyed  playing Near and Far.  I LOVE this game.  So much fun stuff do and you get to go adventuring.  I thought I might win but Marko still beat me!  And even so I still totally enjoyed playing the game!

My character is in the middle--we're all out questing.  There's a map as well as a town board to play on.

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