Thursday, April 26, 2018


The end is in sight!!  The kids and I got some furniture and boxes in the trailer this morning.  It started to rain and the wind came up a bit so we went back to the house and packing up boxes.  Marko has the day off tomorrow so we'll how much more we can get done then before the big day!

 Had a little quiet time with this cute fella...gonna miss him when we move. 

This afternoon we went to town to sign papers with our lawyer and then we were off to try one more burger love.  We tried out Merchantman's offering called, Everything Nice.  It was quite yummy.

And this time we did spring for some sweet potato fries--My favourite!

Afterwards we met with goood friends to catch a movie.  It was so nice to do normal things that had absolutely nothing to do with packing or moving!

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