Wednesday, May 02, 2018

A Gorgeous Day!

 I have to say, I love waking up to this beautiful view!

 Loved having the sunshine and warmth today.  The kids spent copious amounts of time exploring the property, riding bikes, transplanting trees and climbing trees.

I spent copious amounts of time unpacking, arranging and organizing our stuff.  It is so exciting to see our home take shape.  The kids are so very happy here and thankful for the space. Sean spent some quality time in the basement workshop creating his own projects.

I opened a box of pictures and decided it was time to hang a few pictures.  This was first picture hung:

 This is my favourite verse in the Bible.  And my amazingly talented friend, Amber made this for me and I dearly love it! 

This was also the first day for hanging out the laundry:

And Levi was loving being able to be big enough to climb the willow tree!

Bit by bit we're getting the house put together and it's feeling more like our home everyday!

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