Thursday, May 03, 2018

Books, Books, Books and More Books!

Today was tackle the books day and I was very thankful to have my wonderful friend Denise with me to figure it all out.  We opened box after box of books and stacked and organized.  I have lots of books to sell or donate and lots to go back up on shelves.  Denise is coming back tomorrow to finish up all the fun!

Between all the boxes of books and organizing we took some time out to celebrate Denise's birthday with a little cake and coffee.


 Denise among the many books.

While Denise was finishing up, my friend Laura dropped in to pick up boxes.  While she was loading boxes Denise headed out and Laura and I chatted for a bit in the entryway. The older kids enjoyed playing outside and climbing trees. Meanwhile Levi was puttering in the house.

I guess with the doors open in the entryway it was getting a little chilly inside so Levi shut the inside door...and LOCKED IT!! All the doors were now locked and he was the only person inside! I hadn't taken my keys with me and it didn't seem like Levi understood how to unlock the door.  Thankfully I did have my  phone with me so with a quick prayer and a call to my friend Jackie we were able to get back into the house.  I am so very thankful that Jackie still had keys to this place!

 Someone fell asleep on Daddy's side of the bed during quiet time.

And this evening I went for a walk with my new walking buddy, Edith.  Hopefully we will be able to spend many an evening walking and talking together.
On our way back home.

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