Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Busy Day!

We are loving our new home and it was quite the adventure trying to get through boxes and deciding where things should go today.  We also had friends over for the day and they were great little helpers.  Emma and Gracie even helped Emma-Lyn collect two cups worth of worms.  They helpfully distributed them among the flower beds.

Today Sean and Nate competed in the King's County Music Festival.  And they both came home with one gold and one silver.  They were both pretty pumped about that.  I am so thankful to my wonderful friend and piano teacher extraordinaire, Claire!  She has done such a great job with the boys and Emma-Lyn is excited to get back into her clarinet lessons.

 These are Nate's awards, I forgot to get a picture of Sean's.

We also had homeschool group this afternoon.  We're just about ready to wrap up our study of Canada!  The kids and leaders have done such an excellent job!  Can't wait to finish up next week and get into some field trips and beach days!

We went through a boat load of boxes today!  My kitchen is filling up and I am so happy that our kitchen table is back together once again.  It will be nice to have breakfast at the table again and get back into a regular routine!

 Voila!  The table!

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