Tuesday, May 08, 2018


 For the past 13 weeks or so our homeschool group has been learning all about Canada.  The kids were divided into groups and they learned about the geography, history, flora and fauna of each province and participated in a large art project.  The leaders were amazing and the kids learned so much--so exciting to see the end product!
 The kids did a great job!

 Kids and their mural.

Our official homeschool group sessions are now over for the year and it's time for more outdoor fun and field trips!

Speaking of homeschool, tomorrow the kids and I will be slipping back into the routine of hitting the books in our new space.

And this is just a shot of one of my favourite features in my kitchen:
I love that there is a dedicated outlet above the cabinets for decorative lights!  So pretty!


Bernietothe9th said...

I bet they learned loads. My dental hygienist and I had a discussion today about how little she learned growing up in Northern Ontario about the rest of Canada. Is the art from magazine photos to give a collage effect ?

Laura said...

Yes, we used tourist information guides to make the collage. :)