Sunday, May 06, 2018

First Hope Visit!

We enjoyed a wonderful visit with my fam jam today!  They quite like the new place and all it's space and amazing view.  They brought a basket full of fun for everyone and some fine china for my china cabinet!

 The kids loved playing with the bubble wands!

 Grampa Hope loving the new view.

 Grampa and Marko worked together to get the swing set up and running once again.

 Gramma Hope and Nate working on raking the lawn.

And check out this super sweet china set!!
I love the design!

 Except it may be just a tad on the small size!

 Yeah...looking a little wee in my china cabinet...

But I do know a little girl that might enjoy playing with it!  Also--the bottom right corner is our chocolate stash...Yum!

After mom and dad left, Uncle Henk and Auntie Linda and Daniel popped in to see the new place.  Afterwards we headed out to What's the Scoop and invited the MacGregors too for some ice cream treats!

The happy crew!

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