Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

It has been a very full but wonderful Mother's Day weekend!  On Friday Jake came over to play and he was quite pleased with the new place.  He was most impressed with the larger yard.  The kids had a blast together and even after Jake went home they grabbed some books and apples and headed for the willow tree to hang out!

 What better place to read a good book?!

 And a wonderful place to doodle!
 All my monkeys in a tree!

I spent the day baking which was quite the feat as I could remember what cupboard things belonged in at the old place but had no idea where I had put things here!  I did get the hang of it eventually.

 I made cinnamon roll cake and some apple muffins.  That evening I enjoyed hanging out with some girl friends and having supper together while catching up on everyone's latest and greatest.  And then we watched The Greatest Showman...SO GOOD!!  I loved it!

On Saturday we ran some errands and even stopped over to the old place and met the new owners.  They've been quite busy with demolition and they let us come in and see the progress!  It was mind blowing!  They took down all the walls upstairs--it almost made me dizzy just looking at it since nothing made sense anymore to me.  They're going to do a two bedroom with open concept downstairs. They ripped up all the carpet which revealed some beautiful oak hardwood floors in the living room!! They've invited us to come back when things are done, I can't wait to see the finished product.

That evening I got to hang out with my Pepsi peeps.  We celebrated Tammy's birthday and enjoyed our Pepsi and chatting and laughing.

I'm pretty sure Tammy's thinking about how close to 40 she's getting!!

Today the kids and Marko have given me lovely gifts.  Sean gave me pansies and chocolates.  Emma-Lyn gave me a scarf and a necklace she made and Nate gave me a lovely card. And Marko brought me more chocolate.

After church and lunch we headed over to the pool to enjoy the free family swim.  We all had a great time and hope to go swimming more often!

And this evening we were blessed with a lovely house warming gift:

So pretty!

 And has a perfect place on top of the piano.

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