Thursday, May 10, 2018

Moving Right Along

 The kids started their day with puzzles again and some Lego time.  Then we actually got through all our homeschool material.  Nate had a minor melt down but pulled himself together and finished well.  The boys went out afterwards to work on building a fire pit with some large rocks they had found.

 Unfortunately, they didn't ask to do this and had to move their creation after daddy showed them a better area for it.

While the day started out sunny and cool, it didn't take long to become more cold and damp.  The kids have been itching to have a fire in the wood stove and I thought this was a perfect day to light one.
 They were very happy and cozy all cuddled by the fire.

We watched a Planet Earth episode for science and munched some popcorn.

The kids received gift cards to McDonalds for helping at our local greenhouse so we went out for supper. 

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