Thursday, May 17, 2018

Such a Great Day!

I just can't help but gush about this house!  We are having so much fun truly living here!  The kids are finding so many creative outlets!  This morning after breakfast these two set to work on multiple drawings.  They had found some tracing paper and enjoyed finding pictures they loved and creating new scenes for the characters.  Emma-Lyn drew a mouse pushing a shopping cart full of chesse! So funny!
 Hard at work and loving it.

Last fall the town had come to do some work on the trees and left a pretty big mess.  Today a bulldozer came and smoothed out the mud.  The kids had to go investigate.

 Sean created his own bike ramp area.

 While the others got to work on a little fort!!
 Here we are in the kitchen around the table and seated on handy logs.

After their venture in the great outdoors it was time to come in for some bookwork.  They were quite thrilled when bookwork included making paper airplanes!  We made planes according to the book and then tried my way of making planes.  Sean made a few more prototypes after school time.

 Time to fly!

After quiet time the kids were back outside and working on their fort.
 This is the music room complete with futon.  I'm not sure why this is the music room but that is what they named it.
 And don't let his quirky smile fool you...He's showing me their ammunition pile--just in case intruders should wander their way! The bucket is filled with pine cones.

 The futon in the bed position.  Not the comfiest but good use of materials.

Sean was quite pleased with his improvement of the kitchen table.  Nate and Emma-Lyn even enjoyed their lunch in their fort.

I'm so in love with just how much the kids are getting out of this space. I love seeing what they come up with!

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