Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Sunny Skies

 I just had to snap this photo before we got down to business with our homeschool work for the day.  I love this view:
 And I love that I can see it as I sit in my rocking chair sharing books and learning with my children.

Today we had the plumber in to take care of a few bathroom issues we were experiencing.  If you need any work done and are local, Howe's Plumbing is the way to go!  Great service and great price too.

I went through my homeschool bins and found some old sketch books and paper.  All of the kids spent some time sketching and at one point I thought I might sit down to draw too.  But there were jobs to do and supper to get on the table and I didn't get a chance to grab a pencil and paper.  That is, until this evening.  I had been reading a book about motherhood and the need to take time to do things that you enjoy.  Great advice!  I grabbed my sketch book and book about birds for subject material.  It was nice just to sit and create for a little while.

Hummingbird with a hibiscus.

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Sue-Anne Jay said...

You are good! I did a rug called Hibiscus and Hummer.