Sunday, June 03, 2018

Summer Is So Close And Yet So Far!

Friday was AMAZING!!  The temps soared into the high twenties and we all rejoiced and wore shorts to celebrate the fine weather.  The kids and I spent copious amounts of time enjoying the great outdoors.  The kids played and I wandered around the yard snapping photos of flowers and other signs of growth!
 Cutest little red tulip!

 Dandelions as far as the eye can see.  The kids have been picking them and we even tried to make some dandelion jelly.  Unfortunately it didn't set and was just a runny mess.

 At one point I had to just lie down on the trampoline and enjoy the view from there!

But then, the unthinkable happened!!  On Saturday the temps dipped down into the single digits and the wind and rain pelted the Island.  And it even SNOWED TODAY!!  Thankfully, not for long but still, there was definitely some white lumpy precipitation falling from the sky for a period of time!

I love shots like these:
 Those spontaneous moments when the kids gather together to read to each other.  Love to see them enjoying books together and not just me always reading to them!

And in much more exciting news, Emma-Lyn has begun her walk into womanhood and so we celebrated!!  We invited a few friends and went to Charlottetown to get her ears pierced!  She was pretty pumped!

 It was wonderful to take this time to bring joy to this new phase in life rather than fearing it or just letting it slide by. We went out for lunch with our friends and this evening we celebrated as a family and Marko shared blessings with Emma-Lyn and reminded her how much she means to us and that God has a plan for her life.

 She was a real trooper! She picked out little butterfly earrings.

 She and Hannah are such goofballs...
 Not much unlike their mothers!  Hey, if womanhood can be this fun, these girls are on the right track!

 We hit the Swiss for lunch.
So very glad and very blessed to have all these wonderful women in our lives!

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